Exception Handling and Validation Handler in Vertx applications

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  • onComplete will in invoked when the execution is completed, either it is succeeded or failed.
  • onSuccess handles the successful result.
  • onFailure catches the exception thrown in the execution.
public class PostNotFoundException extends RuntimeException {
public PostNotFoundException(UUID id) {
super("Post id: " + id + " was not found. ");
public Future<Post> findById(UUID id) {
Objects.requireNonNull(id, "id can not be null");
return client.preparedQuery("SELECT * FROM posts WHERE id=$1")
.map(iterator -> {
if (iterator.hasNext()) {
return MAPPER.apply(iterator.next());
throw new PostNotFoundException(id);
public void get(RoutingContext rc) {
var params = rc.pathParams();
var id = params.get("id");
post -> rc.response().end(Json.encode(post))
throwable -> rc.fail(throwable)
.failureHandler(frc -> {
Throwable failure = frc.failure();
if (failure instanceof PostNotFoundException) {
frc.response().setStatusCode(500).setStatusMessage("Server internal error:" + failure.getMessage()).end();
SchemaRouter schemaRouter = SchemaRouter.create(vertx, new SchemaRouterOptions());
SchemaParser schemaParser = SchemaParser.createDraft201909SchemaParser(schemaRouter);
ObjectSchemaBuilder bodySchemaBuilder = objectSchema()
.requiredProperty("title", stringSchema().with(minLength(5)).with(maxLength(100)))
.requiredProperty("content", stringSchema().with(minLength(10)).with(maxLength(2000)));
ValidationHandler validation = ValidationHandler.newInstance(
//.queryParameter(param("parameterName", intSchema()))
//.pathParameter(param("pathParam", numberSchema()))
Handler<RoutingContext> validationFailureHandler = (RoutingContext rc) -> {
if (rc.failure() instanceof BodyProcessorException exception) {
.end("validation failed.");




Self-employed technical consultant, solution architect and full-stack developer, open source contributor, freelancer and remote worker

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Self-employed technical consultant, solution architect and full-stack developer, open source contributor, freelancer and remote worker

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