In this post, we will continue to explore Micronaut Data R2dbc, and rewrite the previous Data Jdbc/Kotlin example with Data R2dbc and Kotlin Coroutines.

In contrast to Jdbc, R2dbc is another RDBMS database connection specification but provides asynchronous none-blocking API for users. R2dbc API is totally compatible with Reactive Streams…

Symfony is a full-featured modularized PHP framework which is used for building all kinds of applications, from traditional web applications to the small Microservice components.

Get your feet wet

Install PHP 8 and PHP Composer tools.

# choco php composer

Install [Symfony CLI](symfony check:requirements), check the system requirements.

# symfony check:requirementsSymfony Requirements Checker…

As shown in the former we assembled everything manually in the MainVerticle class. We will use Spring IOC to manage the dependencies.

For example, it looks like the following.

//Create a PgPool instance
var pgPool = pgPool();
//Creating PostRepository
var postRepository = PostRepository.create(pgPool);
//Creating PostHandler
var postHandlers = PostsHandler.create(postRepository);


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